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CO2Meter: The dangers of carbon dioxide and what you need to know

May 26, 2024

Since 2006, CO2Meter has served as a lead manufacturer of gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions – with a continued focus on carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. And, although CO2 is a critical component in many industries, the dangers of CO2 are still not fully understood.

Because CO2Meter manufactures more than 250 gas solutions, primarily focused on CO2, it’s been able to use insights from partners, paired with new technologies, to educate on CO2 hazards, safeguards, and safety best practices.

What are the dangers of CO2?

From a danger or health perspective, in normal outdoor air CO2 is not a dangerous gas. However, for those who work in confined spaces or around tanks or cylinders of compressed gas, CO2 can be very dangerous.

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